3 Better Ways To Plan A Girls Night Out!

“Sometimes a break from your routine is the very thing you need.” 

Time flies by and we get so busy in our lives that we are unable to see our best pals nearly as often as we used to in our school or college days. The days of clubbing until dawn apparently is becoming a thing of the past as it won’t give us the beauty sleep that we clearly need now.

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Well, well, well! Everyone deserves to let loose by spending quality time with their friends & near ones. So how about dragging yourself to an evening of eating, drinking cocktails, basically having a fun-filled girls’ night out this Friday? Luckily, organizing a girls night out is pretty easier than you think. Now a night out on the town can be pretty expensive. So, Instead of resisting all the temptations, try out these tips and tricks to host a fabulous and a memorable fun night out for your girls.

Wine and painting

“The best wines are the ones we drink with our best friends.” Quite true! Think of bringing out the inner artist with a little booze. I am sure you must have come across several girls’ night out on social media where they have posted some of the beautiful masterpieces created by them. In case if not create, try buying a stunning range of glitter tattoo kits or any other body art that looks glamorous on you and your girl gang.

Dancing at a club

Organizing a girls’ night out is always fun! Dressing up, dancing, drinking is all that’s on your mind. So, try something new this time! Try being catchy, trendy, show off and feel sexy. I am sure you must be having those kinds of outfits stocked up for such going outs. Other than dressing up, accessorize yourself with beautiful looking glitter tattoos that absolutely complements your looks. Besides, clubbing you can even think of watching movies together, especially the ones that define sisterhood.

Spa night

A good spa treatment is enjoyed by everyone, but who has time to book one these days? So what you can do is convert a girl’s night into a spa night. Go through a little spa treatment ideas in prior like a pack of sugar scrub or eco-friendly nail polish and ingredients like yogurt, avocado and oatmeal for face masks.

Other than having an actual night out you can even plan a night in. Hang out with your pals at home, order a few pizzas with yummy cocktails and for dessert have mini cupcakes or a variety of macaroni. Basically, have nothing planned so that everyone can just mingle and chat. So what are you sitting tight for? Choose a night and try making it as special, as relaxing and as enjoyable as you can.


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