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Dragon Tattoos – Popular Tattoo Design for Everyone

Dragons have always been a classic choice for traditional tattoo designs. Far more popular than butterfly tattoos, tribal tattoos, and even cross tattoos, these fire spitting beasts can adorn any part of you. Before you rush out to get your own design, it’s best to familiarize yourself with the history of dragons to determine which body art best represents you.

History of Dragon Tattoos

Dragons are some of the most legendary creatures throughout mythology and folklore. They are a part of historic culture in Japan, China, Vietnam, and many other countries. In Eastern cultures, they were believed to be noble, but in European cultures, they were typically believed to be evil and dark. In these different cultures they have a wide range of meanings.

Two of the most popular ones are the Chinese and Japanese. The Chinese Dragon represents good luck, good will, and wisdom. It is one of the most important characters to the Chinese. The Japanese Dragon represents balance and freedom in life. These type of designs show that you have everything situated in your life.

One of the other most popular body art is the Celtic Dragon. In the Celtic culture, the animal represents nobility and wisdom, in a similar way to the Chinese and Japanese. The Celtic is also a symbol of fertility. Having a Celtic design shows power and pride in the heritage.

Dragon Tattoo Designs

This design has different meanings between men and women. For men, the dragon symbolizes protection, courage, strength, and wisdom. Men usually get the design that symbolize these qualities. For women, the beast symbolizes protection, the creator, and strength. The “creator” is associated with a mother because she creates life.

The tattoo can be done on many different locations on the body. Men usually get dragons on their upper arm or on the back shoulder. For women, this design is usually located above the naval, on the foot or ankle, or on their sides. It is not unusual to see full body tattoos among the Chinese. These types of tattoos do usually have other symbols included in the dragon tattoo design. At one time, these designs were illegal to have at one time in Chinese history because of negative use of the designs. But now, they are worn for many different purposes.

Temporary Body Art

Within the past few decades, with the ever growing popularity of temporary tattoos, these are one of the most popular designs. Initially created on temporary transfer tattoos, there were many different dragon tattoo designs available. The temporary transfer tattoo is very simple to apply, so it’s easy for all ages to do.

Another very popular form of temporary tattoos in recent years has been the airbrush tattoos. These temporary tattoos look very realistic and you’re able to choose your colors for the artist to use. It’s perfect to get the perfect temporary dragon tattoo.

Now, with the latest trend in temporary tattoos, the glitter tattoo, there are many different stencil designs. There are quite a few different dragon tattoo stencils that you can use. They’re another great form of temporary tattoo because with glitter tattoos, the color combinations you can create with the glitter are endless. You can create many different temporary dragon tattoos.

Future of Dragon Tattoos

With the continued rise in popularity of permanent tattoos, the dragon tattoo will continue to thrive in their designs. Whether in their traditional designs within their cultures or in new creative ones, they will always be one of the main tattoo design ideas.

In the decades that temporary tattoos have become the newest forms of temporary body art, dragon tattoos have spread through the generations. Now people of all ages can have their very own dragon tattoo

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