be safe tattoo

About the Safety of Temporary Body Art

Since the invention of the ball point ink pen, children and adults alike have been writing various things on their hands, arms and legs.  Notes to self, notes to others, patterns and designs as doodles while sitting idle in a class or waiting for a…


Body Art Throughout History

Body art has been practiced for many centuries.  Permanent and temporary alike, people have adorned their bodies in different ways.  Originally for tribal ceremonies and signifying social classes, but has now become common in mainstream culture.  There are five main types that have been developed…

Airbrush Tattoo

How Airbrush Tattoos Work

Airbrush tattoos have been around since the late 1990s.  First introduced at theme parks and events, they became a new and popular form of temporary body art.  Innovation, creativity and appearance provide the artist with a detailed piece of body art that looks like a…

creative glitter tattoo

Are Glitter Tattoos Safe?

Glitter has been used for centuries in all forms of art. Dating back to ancient civilizations, glitter can be seen in the artwork. The mineral known as mica is the oldest form of glitter used and has the most versatility in its applications. The Muscovite…

Amazing-Butterfly temporary tattoo

Where to apply temporary tattoos

Temporary tattoos are great for all ages from children to adults. They don’t have any permanent affect on your skin and they do have a similar look as a real tattoo depending on the style you choose and they can last from just a couple…


Temporary Body Art Designs

Temporary body art is great for for all ages. There are many different styles and types to choose from so you’ll always find new ideas. Temporary body art has been popular with children and adults because it has no permanent affect on your skin. They…


Temporary Tattoo Kits

The art of temporary tattoos grows with every passing year. With the variety of styles that temporary body art comes in, many can be bought individually such as temporary transfer tattoos. It’s simple to just find the tattoos you’d like in the store. But with…