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Temporary Tattoo Ideas for Kids

We all remember being kids and finding temporary transfer tattoos as the prize inside bubble gum, the cereal box, or just finding them at the store. There were so easy to put on and it was always fun showing friends at school. Now they come…

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How to Create Your Own Temporary Tattoo

Tattoos definitely look cool, but most parents shudder at the thought of their kids coming home with tattoos. That’s why temporary tattoos are such a great compromise. They’re fun for any age and you’ll be able to change the design whenever you want a new…

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Where To Get Temporary Tattoos

When temporary tattoos were first created for sale in the late 1800’s, they were small transfer style tattoos that you would find inside of a pack of bubble gum. In the 1890’s, you could find them as the prize inside of a .05 cent box…

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What Are Glitter Tattoos

Unlike face-painting, which only tends to last for a day, a glitter tattoo will last anywhere from up to 7 days to a few weeks. I have had customers tell me their tattoo lasted for weeks and I myself have had one last for a…


About Airbrush Temporary Tattoos

Temporary airbrush tattoos have been around since about 1998 and are largely used in the marketing, advertising and entertainment industry. Airbrush tattoos today so closely resemble real tattoos that many people cannot tell the difference because of the constant research and development of airbrush equipment…

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Create Your Own Glitter Tattoo

Here at we offer a variety of different glitter tattoo kits as well as separately sold glitter packs and stencil sets. The difference between one kit to another has to do with the choice of colors, size of glitter and which tattoo designs are…

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Temporary Transfer Tattoos

Did you know that temporary tattoos have been around since the 1800’s? – It’s difficult to determine when the first one was actually printed, but we do know that they have been designed and manufactured since the turn of the 20th century. They were first…