Create a Magical Holiday for Your Child This Christmas!

Shimmer Body ArtThe much awaited Christmas holidays are coming up! And Like always you must be pretty involved in stuffing stockings with stickers and arranging beautiful presents for your child under a beautiful Christmas tree. But hang on! Why don’t you try something different this time? Let me provide you a few pointers through which you can make this season more interesting and more fun for your little one.

Leave a few signs of a Santa’s Visit

Remember the days when we use to keep our windows half-open so that a red giant Santa can make a fast gateway before we even wake up. Santa’s existence, even today is considered as a big mystery. So try putting up some clues to keep the faith alive of your children . Santa loves eating cookies so you can even think of leaving the cookie crumbs and sand everywhere in the house. Moreover, Santa is always in a hurry so you can spread a few small beautiful looking gifts like shimmer body art and keep the myth alive for your little ones.

Give traditions your very own twist 

Family traditions can be considered as one of the most effective ways to keep the magic alive. In addition to beautiful looking gifts like Glitter tattoo kit or Christmas ornaments for your girl, enjoy the festival with lights. I always feel something magical about the Christmas lights, it warms up your heart on even the coldest nights. Just light up your space entirely for a long period of time. Besides, you can even allow everyone to open their Christmas presents right before the day so that it remains pressure-free full of togetherness and play.

Surprise, Surprise!

Holidays are always about beautiful surprises, but you can take things a step further. I mean is involve a few interesting/ adventurous games like a scavenger hunt, dress-up party on the day. Where you not only get a chance to dress up your daughter with beautiful looking costumes and ornaments but even enhance their personality with shimmer body art and tattoos.

Be generous!

Christmas is a festival of giving, so fill this season for your kids with more and more wonderful and meaningful memories and mementos like glitter tattoo kits or toy swords or fairy dress costume. Bend the rules, this is the most exciting ways to let loose and let them have fun how much they want.

Glitter Tattoo Kit

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