How to Create Your Own Temporary Tattoo

Tattoos definitely look cool, but most parents shudder at the thought of their kids coming home with tattoos. That’s why temporary tattoos are such a great compromise. They’re fun for any age and you’ll be able to change the design whenever you want a new creative fashion statement. There’s no limit to how many different temporary designs you can come up with without the worry of it being permanently on your skin.

You can even create your own temporary tattoo designs at home.

They’re a great when you’re having a party because it’s a creative activity for the kids.

Here are different step-by-step instructions on how to create your own temporary tattoo:

To create your own temporary tattoos all you’ll need is a pencil, gel ink pens, tracing or parchment paper and a washcloth or towel.

The first step is to imagine the design of the body art. The tattoo will stay on your skin for a few days, so be sure your design is one you really want. You can browse “tattoo designs” in your favorite images search engine and you’ll get a ton of new ideas.

The second step is drawing the tattoo design. You’ll want to sketch the design on the parchment paper with a pencil first. Then, use the gel pens to color in the tattoo design thoroughly. The free-flowing ink from the gel pens will transfer readily from the paper to your skin once the design is in place. Use as much ink on one line as you can so the tattoo design transfers better, but there is no need to make a river of ink!

The third step is to figure out where you want your tattoo design. You’ll want to try and place it somewhere that you can easily do it yourself, but if not, you can always ask a friend to help.

Once you know where you want to place it, get the washcloth or towel damp with warm water.

Then you want to place the paper with the tattoo design on it, face down, where you want it and hold the damp cloth on it for 30 seconds.

After holding it on for 30 seconds, gently pull up the corner and see if the tattoo design has transferred, but if it hasn’t fully transferred, just hold the cloth over it for a few more seconds. Then gently pull off the paper and check out your new tattoo!

It won’t last as long as other transfer temporary tattoos, but it’s great for a day or two because when they get wet they’ll start to fade.

Kids will love to have their own tattoo design they drew as their own tattoo for the day.

~ Anie Dee is a professional glitter tattoo artist at GlitZGlam Body Art


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