Create Your Own Temporary Tattoo

Create Your Own Temporary Online and at Home

When I was young, I loved getting temporary tattoos. I would always find new ones and usually had more than one on. The one thing I always wanted to be able to do was create my own. I’m know I’m not the only one that would draw on themselves with magic markers or pens. It was a form of body art that only lasted for maybe a day, but it was still fun to design your own. With the advances in manufacturing and online availability, you can easily create your own short-term committed body art.

Creating Your Own Temporary Tattoo Online

It’s simple to create temporary tattoos online with different sites. The most common ones that you’re able to create online is the transfer style. They’re simple to have printed and only take 30 seconds to put on.

The top site that allows you create your own temporary tattoo design is tattoo sales. They offer different sizes and it’s simple to upload your own artwork and make any small changes. The minimum order of your own design is 100 tattoos, so this is a perfect place to custom order temporary tattoos for school and sporting events.

Another popular site that allows you to design your own design is straytats. This site also allows you to upload your own artwork and it also features the chance to create temporary tattoos with stencils they already feature. With straytats, you can order anywhere from one single unit up to 1000. So this site is good for those that want their own individual temporary tattoo or many to share with their friends.

If you have small children that are in school, one of the best sites to visit is safety tat. This site is perfect for when your children go on field trips. They allow you create your own temporary tattoo that you can write your child’s name and phone number on them. You can put this body art in a visible place on their arm so if they were to get lost, that they will have your phone number ready. Their minimum order is 24, so you’ll have enough tattoos to last for many occasions.

Creating You Own Temporary Tattoos At Home

During your online searches to create your own online, you’ll also find directions on how to create different forms of tattoos at home. They’re easy enough to do, all you need is the right supplies.

When creating your own temporary transfer tattoo at home, there are a few different options. At some craft stores, you can find transfer paper that you can print on. It uses the same form of adhesive as other temporary transfer tattoos. You can use the paper in any regular ink jet printer.

Another easy way is with tracing or parchment paper, a pencil, gel ink pens and a washcloth or towel. Simply draw your design on the tracing or parchment paper with pencil first and then go over it with the gel ink pens. Once your design is drawn, simply place where you want the temporary tattoo to be and, like other transfer tattoos, use a damp washcloth or towel for a few seconds until the design transfers.

You can purchase already mixed henna temporary tattoo paste online, you can also create it at home with the proper ingredients and practice. You can find the list of what you need on many different websites. It’s best to mix henna paste at home because the longer the henna temporary tattoo paste is already mixed, the tattoo won’t last as long. With home-made henna paste, the temporary tattoo can last up to two or three weeks.

You can even create your own glitter temporary tattoos at home to add to your glitter tattoo kit. You just need a sheet of clear contact paper, a pair of scissors, one thin marker, and one X-Acto knife, which can be purchased at any craft store. All you need to do is draw your design on the parchment paper, and with adult supervision, cut out the design. Then apply the stencil to the skin where you want your glitter to show, and then simply follow the steps on your glitter tattoo kit with the body glue and glitter.

Temporary Tattoos For All Ages

Whether purchasing your desired body art online, or learning how to create them at home, you’ll be a hit with all ages. You can buy them online to share with friends and family or simply follow instructions to create your own. Body Art has always been a fun activity and now that there are temporary tattoos online, they’ll only continue to gain popularity.

~Anie Dee is a professional glitter tattoo artist at GlitZGlam Body Art.


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