Easy Way to Adorn Your Body with Sparkling Glitter Tattoos

Glitter Tattoos

Body adornment has now reached new levels with the introduction of tattoos. Tattoos are trending amongst classy teenagers. However, they are not confined to a specific age group. Even adults go for creative tattoos to use art for expressing their thoughts. There is a variety of tattoos and people may choose from them as per their own choice, age, style, and convenience. Following are the ten different types of tattoos used for body embellishment.

  • Traditional – Images of roses, hearts, eagles, etc.
  • Realistic- Resemble photos on skin
  • Watercolor- Looks like paint
  • Tribal – Black in color with geometrical design
  • Nu Skool {New School} – Inspired by graffiti
  • Neo Traditional – Bold outlines with clear-cut shading
  • Japanese – Adheres to ancient traditions and includes images of Koi fish, lotus flowers, war dogs, geishas, and dragons
  • Dotwork – Use of a number of tiny dots in place of shade or black color
  • Glitter- Temporary tattoos which sparkle

With the variety of tattoos available for beautifying your body, there is no limit to creativity. Specifically, when it comes to tattoos which glitter there is a lot of room for innovation. This doesn’t mean that you have to be highly creative to craft them. The availability of stencils makes the task all the more easier.

How to Emboss a Glitter Tattoo?

  • Buy readymade stencils
  • Clean your skin area where you desire to emboss the tattoo
  • Apply the stencil on it
  • Paint on it special body glue with an applicator brush
  • Cover the glue immediately with glitter
  • Peel the stencil off your skin
  • Use a blush brush to get rid of additional  glitter


Things needed

  • Creative stencils
  • Body glue
  • Applicator brush
  • Glitter
  • Blush brush

Isn’t that easy? For me, it’s as easy as pie. What you get as a result is a beautiful tattoo glittering on your skin.

The best thing about glitter tattoos is that they are water-proof and last from seven days to a few weeks. However, the age of a tattoo relies on a number of things including friction, and nature of your skin. If your tattoo doesn’t undergo much friction, which is likely to be caused by socks, shoes, tight-fitting apparel, then it may last longer. In people, who have oily skin, the glitter tattoo wears off earlier than usual. Those with dry skin will perhaps benefit as tattoo lasts longer on their skin.

It is very important to use good quality glue and glitter as you might end up irritating or, in worst cases, damaging your skin if you use low quality glitter products. Play safe, as a general guideline it’s best to avoid tattoos anywhere near your eyes or on your face.

So, there’s no reason why you should wait! Go, get the things needed and embellish your body with beautiful glitter tattoos and flaunt them at the next ball! All you need to do to get that sparkling tattoo on your skin is to simply apply the stencil, glue, and glitter and Eureka! It’s done!



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