Fairy Princess Costume: Time to Go Beyond Frills and Laces

Inspired by the legends, traditional tales, fairy stories, fiction, movies, fairy princess costumes have been pretty much in demand. Presently, one could never imagine a Jedi master without his sword, similarly wings and wand completes a fairy costume. No matter how pretty or eye-catching is your outfit, accessorizing it with appropriate products like toy swords or fairy princess costume wings is what makes it extra special.

Every mother dreams of turning her little girl in a cute, elegant, sweet looking fairy. Hence, wearing a pink minidress with several attractive looking frills and laces is just not enough to create a beautiful fairy princess costume for your little one. A fairy costume comprises of numerous integral elements such as the magic wand, tutu skirt, tiara and the list goes on. Now before you buy or design any costume just make sure you are well aware regarding the personality that you wish to create such as :- sweet, emotional, a bit mischievous, doing things on her own, helping others, safeguarding humans and so more.

Designing a fairy princess costume doesn’t mean you need to create a piece all by yourself, it simply means to combine right clothing pieces with right accessories. Now have you ever wondered where did these fairies come from? History says fairies are the children of Adam and Eve the first man and woman on the Earth. Apart from being ashamed of their sin of tasting the fruit, the couple had discovered sex and made lots of babies. When god found out the truth, he banished both of them and scattered the children (by converting them into fairies) throughout the earth.


Coming back to fairy princess costume, you will come across a wide range of characters for your little ones such as:-

Green pixie costume– Pixies are kind of fairies that are pretty much attracted to humans. In fact, they love horses especially the untamed ones and are well known for riding them. Pixies can be both good and bad in nature depending on how you treat them.

Candy corn fairy– A costume that’s bright with sparkling sequins at the top. Basically, it seems more like a candy corn.

Elves and dwarfs– Who says fairy princess costumes is all about dressing your girls. You can even think of dressing up your little boy as a dwarf or an elf, a being with mysterious and supernatural powers.

Goblins– Do you wish your kid to play the ugly or the bad guy? If so, goblins are the perfect choice to opt for. Goblins are basically wanderers without any fixed home and are pretty mischievous.

So who would you choose?

Well, whatever fairy princess costume you choose, make sure your kid inherits all the good and bad habits accordingly. Faries are one of the most fanatical creatures found who love to dress smartly and appear aesthetically pleasing.

Lastly, at GlitZGlam, we offer an adorable range of fairy princess costumes that fits age 3-9 appropriately. In case, you have any doubt feel free to connect with our professionals today!


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