Fantastic Fancy Dress Ideas for Your Little Angel

Fancy dress competition is round the corner and you are running out of ideas to dress up your little girl. This is the scenario with most of the parents who want to dress up their daughter in the best dress and see her win the competition. With a fancy dress, one can get as creative as possible if they go for the right option. Once you decide on the dress, even if it is fairy princess costume, the process becomes easier as securing a dress is as easy as pie in this ecommerce era. Following are some of the unique ideas which you can use to dress up your little girl in her winning attire.

Fairy Princess Costume

The Jungle Princess:

You can easily transform your girl into a jungle princess by adorning her with the things needed mentioned below and leaving her hair open.

Things Needed:

  1. A sleeveless top with deep cuts
  2. Earrings with flower design
  3. Earrings with flower design
  4. Tiara

Cotton Candy:

Make your daughter look the cutest thing ever with this creative fancy dress idea. All you need to do is make her wear the plastic bag after pasting pink cotton on it. Make holes for legs and arms. Once she wears the bag, start stuffing in cotton. In the end, tie the bag loosely around her neck with a thread. I’m sure your daughter will look sweeter than the original cotton candy.

Things Needed:

  1. Big sized plastic bag
  2. Pink colored cotton
  3. Glue
  4. Thread

Fairy Princess:

Fairy princess costume is the most exciting option to dress up your little girl with. Adorn your baby girl with the things needed and give her a great fairy look. If you are running out of time you can also buy a fairy princess costume easily available online.

Things Needed:

  1. No-sew tutu
  2. Homemade fairy wings
  3. Flower fairy wand or tulle puff fairy wand
  4. Tiara to complement fairy princess costume


You can dress up your little one like Mira, who was a steadfast devotee of Lord Krishna. Just drape your daughter with a white colored or yellow colored saree and adorn her with the accessories mentioned below to give her the perfect saint look.

Things Needed:

  1. Plain yellow or white colored saree
  2. Necklace and hand bands made of Rudraksh beads
  3. White bindi
  4. Flower resembling earrings
  5. Toy sitar


This one is a unique and the simplest fancy dress idea wherein you make your angel look like a bunch of grapes. Blow around ten to fifteen balloons, according to the height and weight of your child, and tie them together using a thread. Use one long thread horizontally to tie it around your kid’s body. Fix this bunch on your child’s dress.

Things Needed:

  1. Green or purple balloons
  2. Thread

Other fancy dress costumes which you can buy readily from stores or online are sunflower, Punjabi salwar, saree, etc. You can also go for animal costumes including elephant, crocodile, bear, monkey, and rabbit. If you think creatively, the choices are endless.



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