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The word pre-party has been totally banished a couple of years ago. Today nobody likes to invest hours and hours in getting ready for an evening out, but that doesn’t mean we don’t like to dress up anymore. The main goal is to feel fresh and pretty through it all, irrespective of what you wear or carry. Want to know my secret of getting the party look in just 15 minutes? Just hang in there!


“Dress like you are embracing life and not hiding from it.” – Peter Morrissey

The entire concept behind going to a party or hosting one is to impresses others with your overall dressing and looks along with the way you carry yourself. Now self-confidence comes only when you know that you are looking absolutely perfect. However, while getting ready for an event, you need to know that dressing up for one has some rules and limitations and there is no better place to start than your wardrobe.

Opt for a bright looking dress (3 minutes)

Select a perfect looking party dress. You can either pick blue or green with a pair of nude heels and minimal jewelry such as a pendant or statement earrings. Just make sure that the apparels or accessories like best glitter tattoos you carry aren’t too uncomfortable to wear. After all, you are dressing up for an event that will be lasting the night long.


Skincare (2 minutes)

After having a busy working day, it is very important for you to look fresh. Mist your face with a toner and pat using a tissue. In addition to this, you can even use highlighter or dust the face with loose powder. Here always remember to choose a shade based on your complexion, i.e. For fair choose white or champagne and choose pink for medium and bronze if you are dark.


Do a bit of an eye makeup (2 minutes)

Apply shades like silver or beige onto bare skin in order to receive that party flair. Define your eye with a liner and make use of short strokes. And don’t forget to apply some mascara to the tips of your lashes.


What about the lips (1 minute)

Whether you create a crisp outline or not, a bold lip will always infuse style to your makeup and make you look full of life. Lastly, add a coat of gloss on your lips.


Apply the best glitter tattoos (5 minutes)

In case, if you are a beginner for applying such tattoos then simply get in touch with us and our experts will save your time and give you a dynamic look like never before.


Hair trick( 2 minutes)

Shake over a bit to make your hair seem to be full of volume. All you need to do is make yourself feel jovial.


On and all, dressing up is all about enhancing that “Damn, I look so good” expression, whether you try using a different eyeliner or apply the best glitter tattoos on your shoulder. And we at GlitZGlam make a point in delivering a stunning range of products from our space.


Keep watching the space to know more about the best glitter tattoo kits in town.



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