Temporary Glitter Tattoo Kits To Look Different From The Crowd

Twinkle Twinkle little stars,

Glitter tattoos are now ours

Look at my butterflies and fairies,

Glitz and glam are now my pals!


Let Fun and Frolic Roll On The Floor as You Enjoy at the Ball Flaunting Temporary Glitter Tattoos!

Kids love fun, colors, and glitz. A combination of these makes them jump with joy. Our glitter tattoos have everything in them that gives enjoyment to kids as well as grown-ups. Our unique tattoo stencil designs can make you stand out in the crowd with that glittery design flashing on your skin. I love these DIY Glitter tattoo kit. You see, they have everything in them to emboss a tattoo safely on skin.

Each of Our Glitter Tattoo Kit Consists of


  1.  1. Glitter Tattoo Stencils
  2.  2. Cosmetic grade glitter colors
  3.  3. Body adhesive
  4.  4. Cosmetic brush

Number of Glitter Tattoo Designs to Enchant

Your little ones deserve every joy on earth. Why not make every day more fun and excitement for them through temporary glitter tattoos. We have temporary glitter tattoo kits for all occasions. From Christmas to object specific tattoo stencils such as Things with Wings, and Batman, we have all the designs that can enchant kids. The exciting glitter colors add to the joy of kids and boost excitement levels. We have a wide range of temporary tattoo kits which make tattooing fun and thrill.

We have temporary tattoo kits for all seasons including Halloween, Christmas, and autumn. Every party and sleepover can be made livelier with glitter tattoos. So, it’s not just on the festive seasons that you can use glitter tattoos. You can enjoy tattooing all through the year and perfect the art.

Temporary Glitter Tattoo Kits


Embossing Tattoos – a Child’s Play? Indeed with GlitzGlam Glitter Tattoo Kits

GlitzGlam glitter temporary tattoos are so easy to emboss that it really makes tattooing as easy as eating a pie. See your little angels or yourself transform into professional tattoo artists and create attractive designs with these temporary tattoo kits. These DIY kits reduce so much time and efforts and, specially, these made-to-perfection tattoo stencils spare us from all the guess work.


All you need to do is follow these simple steps to shimmer and attract attention

  1.  1. Clean your skin where you want the tattoo to bedazzle
  2.  2. Press the stencil on the area
  3.  3. Brush on the adhesive
  4.  4. Dip the brush in glitter and there you go with a sparkle that remains day and night

Tattoo Anywhere

Our carefully designed tattoo stencil designs enable you to emboss tattoos on any part of your body. Create exciting designs on your arms, shoulders, backs, faces, or anywhere you like.

Tattoos For Everyone

Whether you are a girl, or boy, we have tattoos for one and all. We also have kits which can be used by both boys and girls. No matter what your age, at GlitzGlam you will find a tattoo that fits your needs and occasion.
Dermatologically tested, our tattoos are safe for skin. Adorn that cool look with our temporary glitter tattoos that create flashy designs on your skin!

Get the safest and long-lasting tattoos, made for your entire family! ORDER NOW, and avoid the last minute huff and puff to get the tattoos on time!