Temporary Tattoo Ideas for Kids

We all remember being kids and finding temporary transfer tattoos as the prize inside bubble gum, the cereal box, or just finding them at the store. There were so easy to put on and it was always fun showing friends at school. Now they come in so many different styles and designs there there are a lot of different temporary tattoo ideas for kids to choose from.

The original temporary tattoos were simple designs and didn’t last very long. With the advances over the years, temporary tattoos last longer and some look very realistic. They’re also all very simple to put on that it’s a fun creative activity for kids.

One of the best temporary tattoo ideas for kids are the simple transfer style tattoo.

They’re especially great for boys because there are so many different varieties like superheroes, cartoon characters, animals, dragons, and tribal designs. There are so many designs for girls too like Disney princesses, flowers, and many cute designs. They only take 30 seconds to put on and last for up to a week.

The latest trend in temporary body art is glitter tattoos. They are such a fun and new temporary tattoo idea.

They’re amazing for girls and boys because they can pick their own design, pick their colors, and can create them however they like.

We offer five different glitter tattoo kits that have great temporary tattoo ideas for kids. One of the best things about our kits is all of our stencils are reusable. You can get at least three or four uses from each stencil, so they’re great temporary tattoo ideas. The body glue featured in our kits is hypoallergenic and waterproof, allowing the tattoos to last up to 7 days.

Three of our kits are great for girls. They all feature fun and cute designs for any tattoo idea.

The Blossom kit features five different butterfly stencils, six flowers, and an arm band design. There are four pastel body glitters that are great for creating colorful and unique designs.

The Princesses & Hearts kit features 12 different stencils with designs from a crown to fireworks. It has three shades of pink and a gold body glitter. For any little girl that loves Disney, this is definitely a great glitter tattoo kit for them.

The Lil Divas Glitter Tattoo Kit is one of our newest kits and features six different body glitter colors. Like all of our other kits, it also features 12 unique and fun reusable stencils. With everything from a tall rose to a Princess with a crown, this is a great gift for any age girl.

Our GlitZGlam Glitter Tattoo Kit is great for girls and boys. It features six body glitter colors that are great for both. It features one of our cascading butterflies stencils and also has a pirate skull with crossbones. If you have boys and girls in your family, this is definitely one of the best kits!

Our Pop Classic kit is great for boys and girls. This kit features 12 stencils including some of my favorite stencils, the sun swirl, a dragonfly, and the cherries are three of my favorites. It features four different body glitter colors including my favorite, the ocean blue.

We also have so many added stencil and glitter packs that will keep you creating for a long time!

So if you’re looking for some great temporary tattoo ideas for kids, definitely check out our Products and you can be creating your very own glitter tattoos.

Anie Dee is a professional glitter tattoo artist at GlitZGlam Body Art


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