Top Eight Tattoo Styles Gaining Popularity

The tattoo you adorn defines your personality. Since their discovery or creation, tattoos have come a long way. A number of tattoo styles have been created across the world. According to the regional culture, style, and trends, new tattoo designs get formulated. While there are some such as glitter tattoos which are popular among entire population of the world, there are some such as Japenese tattoos which are region specific. In this blog post, I am presenting some of the popular tattoo styles or designs, which will help increase your tattoo knowledge and also use the best tattoo design as per your style.


Glitter Tattoos


This oldest form of tattooing was the pioneer in the transformation of tattoo as a style statement. Traditional tattoos include images of rose petals, nautical, daggers, and women’s heads.


This tattoo form involves the use of splashes and streaks of color to resemble a painting. It might also be used to form background of another tattoo. Vivid colors and natural themes form an essential part of watercolor tattooing.


This form of tattoo style is marked by the use of black color along with symmetry and geometrical shapes. A professional tribal tattoo artist meticulously designs the tattoo to match with the body shape.


Neo-traditional tattooing uses bold outlines and definite shading. They are usually dazzling and include blending of various colors. Influenced by 2D layout and well-defined symbology, it involves lot of experimentation for a customized look.


The practice of this sacred tattoo art encumbers the use of huge designs to cover large body areas. It is disciplined style which follows specific rules for positioning, direction, color and other aspects. Images used for Japanese tattooing include war dogs, geishas, lotus flowers, and cherry blossoms.

Dot Work:

Dot work tattooing is the use of sophisticated designs which make use of plenty of tiny dots. This form of tattooing is called ‘dot’ work in the sense that dots are used in place of shades. Block colors are also utilized in this form of tattooing.


Geometric tattooing is dot work magnified. Repeated forms are used to form a large design in this style of tattooing. It stands out from the rest of the tattoo styles because it creates a 3D effect.

To add uniqueness to the tattoo, it may also be blended with neo-traditional style.


Script tattooing uses text in a variety of forms. There is a lot of room for creativity in this form because it includes different fonts, right from gothic to swirly. A true artist can create a unique font or a blend of fonts to deliver an exceptional tattoo style.

If you don’t want to go for intricate or traditional designs, then you can also go for glitter tattoos. You don’t even need a professional for embossing glitter tattoos. You only need stencil, glue and glitter to adorn your body with a glitter tattoo and look classy at the next neighborhood party.


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